Where'd I go wrong with this girl I met at the local nigthclub?

long story short , I first saw her about a month ago but didn't talk to her the first time I saw her , though she looked good and wanted to get to know her , saw her one more time at that bar before I actually talked to her , which was just over a week ago . I made my move late that night , I finally had the nerve to talk to her , though our first conversation went good , got her name and still remember it ( kristy ) but didn't ask for her # and regret not doing so now , she also told me where she worked and some of her gf's were beside her that night , then saw her again a couple of nights ago at same place , she basically ignored me and when I was like standing rate near her she wouldn't even come over or give me the time or day to talk to her again , like I have no clue what I did to get this , where you think I went wrong , as when I talked to this girl I was pretty sure she liked me ?


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  • you talked to her, you guys hit it off, you don't ask for her #

    if I was her I would be p*ssed really, if we seem like we are having some connection their why didn't you ask me for my #!

    asking for # = interested, you didn't do so so yea she probably got it that she wasn't good enough for you or something and is avoiding you ...

    go talk to her asap and ask her for her # and apologize for not asking for it earlier

    • Well we didn't talk that long the night I meet her , so I didn't think it be a good time to ask for her number and I knew she goes to that bar every week basiclaly so I figured I'd ask next week which was my plan but she wouldn't talk to me at all really . so my plan kind of backfired maybe but still you think she'd have at least said hi or something when I saw her last anyways .

    • Well even if you guys didn't talk uch as long as there was this chemistry the natural next step is you asking her for her # which explains why she's p*ssed at you, anyway next time you see her be like hey I forgot to ask you about ur # last time we tlked so cn I have it now, or say something funny

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  • Dont be fooled by a pretty face being nice. You should have talked to her. The best thing I would suggest you do the next time you see her(more specifically - make eye contact) is (without hesitation, unless you're in the middle of something more important) go right over to her and cut through all the bullsh*t and get to the bottom of it. Not rudely, be calm and cool about it. Ask her straight "where you ignoring me the other night" Don't let it seem like her ignoring you affected you AT ALL! Bust her balls about it. Ask her if she's scared to talk to you?. Which it would be a little uncomfortable, if you are uncomfortable around women scince you basically gave her the control of taking the relationship anywhere. Meaning you ,didnt talk and she didn't either. She wants your attention. I guarantee it. Maybe not "you" but it will take you to figure that out. To clarify the situation that night did the two of you even make eye contact? And if she didn't even look at you like she knew who you were then be persistent and most importantly the nect time you do talk be cocky, funny and interesting. Basically don't give a sh*t about what happens. Good luck.

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