What kind of clothes do girls find guys most attractive in?

Sorry I know this is kind of a broad question. I know there is a lot of ways this could go, I typically wear sports like attire. Do girls find that attractive or do they find casual or “Swag ” more attractive?
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  • It really just depends on the situation, and the body frame and the style that suits you best.
    I mean you can't really give the 'perfect' outfit to every guy in the world because people are different, the outfit would suit some but not others. So I say just wear what suits you, accentuate your best features, like toned muscular men wear v neck shirts, guys who have good long legs wear skinny jeans, guys going for a hipster look wear short sleeve button up top with some khakis and possibly a beanie or something. Wear something that is somewhat stylish, accentuates your best features, is comfortable (comfort is important) and something that suits the occasion best.
    Oh and btw, it doesn't matter what we girls say what we like what guys wear because like I said all guys are different and suit different things so just wear your own style and the right girl will find you charming just the way you are :)


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  • Why is there no 'main in suit' option? I'd go with man in suit lol

  • I can find different styles nice looking, it's more about wearing something clean & looking well groomed

  • Most girls prefer the suit and tie, buttoned shirt and jeans. Professional attire.

  • I like casual. Like jeans, simple shoes, and a shirt. Lol


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