Advice on what to we're?

My girl and I are late twenties she is wanting to try the lolita/baby girl younger look. advice on makeup clothes etc?


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  • lol I've never thought about doing a "Lolita" look before
    don't get TOO cliche with it, like a plaid schoolgirl skirt - that's over the top
    you can definitely get the look going with a young hairstyle, like pig tails, braids, or half up-half down ponytail
    natural makeup (dark makeup like smokey eyes is more on the mature side) with maybe a light lip gloss. curled lashes for innocent bigger-looking eyes

  • Okay so this is most defintely one of my favouite questions ever!! :33

    Okay, so I've alwaus liked the Japanese school girl look, like in all the anime's.
    Like this;

    It's a little cliche, but it's uber cute.
    Also there is this lolita outfit that I fell in love with ages ago;

    You can buy it -and lots of other dresses like it- on tidecosplay. com

    And of course there's Korean and Japanese street wear, that's really cute :33


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