My bf isn't hormy lately, What should I wear to turn my bf on?

My bf has been stressed and busy with work and hasn't seemed sexually interested in me lately. I recently became handicapped and am in a wheelchair and am worried that he doesn't want me that way anymore. My bf is going out of town and we are going on a date tomorrow before he leaves. I really wanted to turn him on and dress sexy to impress him, but Im not sure what I should wear or how I should turn him on... any ideas?


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  • Stress really isn't helping with his sex drive to be honest.
    I normally have a high sex drive, but when I get stressed out from my business I could go quite a while without any sexual desires.

    • I like to have more sex when stressed , like a stress relief. Sex makes you feel good and less stressed !

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  • Boys always like lingerie in my experience. You can wear a sexy set, with like a little red dress...
    And if you really want to tease him you can -casually- mention it in the middle of your date.


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  • is he upset because of your being in a wheelchair? That would determine it.

  • It's the wheel chair

  • Wear nothing, that'll turn him on for sure


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