Vans Vs. Converse? Pros and cons?




Which ones do you like better?
Do you dislike one of these brands? Why is that?
Which ones are higher in quality?
Do you think they're overpriced?

All your feelings and thoughts about these two - share. =)

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  • I personally like Vans more because it's more comfortable, but I'm talking about authentics. Some types of Vans are crap so it depends. Converse are nice because they are classics but they are really narrow so they're better on males who are skinnier


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  • Vans are more of a masculine type of show, but many girls still wear them. Converse on the other hand is more of a feminine shoe, it's more skinny and it's just more of a girly look to it. They are a pain in the ass to get them on, and I haven't bought converses in like 5 years, but I love vans. It's probably the only casual shoe I wear, I have about 6 pairs XD they are so stylish, they look amazing with so many outfits and they aren't as badly uncomfortable as converse

  • Vans because I find them more comfortable, as well as they don't take 10 minutes to put on :P


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