What should I do, its my first time going to a disco? ? help!?

I have just never done that thing before, last year i only started being girly. Is there anything i shouldn't do, anything i should do, im so confused. i already have the tickets so im definitely going... help?


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  • basically, these days, girls go to these events very very very drunk. so your going to want some vodka and to arrange predrinks somewhere. secondly, your going to want as little clothing on as possible. most girls get away with very high tops and very high skirts. also if you want to go all out, dont wear underwear or bra, that will demonstrate to the other guys that you are a potential lover.

    golden advice here, take it at your own risk. lol...


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  • Just dance and have fun with your friends. And don't think too much about what you should and shouldn't do

    • thanksill try, i should be less stiff :)

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  • Go out there and dance...
    And don't trust every person that comes up to you.. in fact trust no one.


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