Would you rather approach people with a personal style or with a plain style?

They way I dress sometimes makes me standout. My mom says this can hold people back, because I might seem too self assured... because I wear whatever I want. Should I tone down my style to appear more approachable? This is kind of my style www.pinterest.com/.../?q=ohmyvogue&rs=ac&len=7 , but where I live most people will just wear jeans and hoodies in either black, grey or brown (very boring for me :( because I love to experiment with clothes )


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  • Wear what you want, be yourself, be your clothes, and be your style. If someone likes your style, they will approach you. Don't let criticism get the best of you, criticism is only the opinions of others, it does not mean the entire town agree's the same way. If you feel it does hold you back, approach other's first and be the one to make friends instead of waiting.


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  • What you provided as your personal style is how almost literally every single girl dresses... so... that's a plain style to me.
    Nothing special... normal wardrobe (preppy).

    • Well as I said where I live nearly everyone will just wear jeans and hoodies.

    • But you wear what you want to wear. I don't even understand why you would want to compromise your self from what others think...

  • People who don't approach you because they don't like how you dress don't sound like the greatest people to hang out with. I'm also pretty experimental with fashion and find that people don't approach me much, but when they do, they often have compliments to give on my fashion choices. Also, I greatly appreciate people with strong personal aesthetics because I have some problems telling faces apart, so clothes help me remember a person better. Also, a personal style is just more fun. If a person has a plain style, I probably wouldn't take an interest in them just from looking at them.


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