What is it you women look for? Body, sex, or spirit?

The thing that has me more confused than usual, is the why females choose whom they choose. Now age is not a factor here as this phenomenon seems to be age dependent. So what is it, you females, look for in a man? I would really love to know.


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  • i would definitely look at the guys' character, if he's honest, he has character, he's loyal, he has faith, he's got ethic and morals-i know it sounds weird but that's what I rate is the most highest priority on my list so that when I am sifting through the choices lol, I have a man who I can trust and likewise love.


    and physical is important but I mean, it's not as important as the traits above. I would be turned off by a guy who never exercised or tried. I definitely want someone who's hardworking like me because I hardly ever have a day off work and either that or I'm at school or doing volunteer work or on here 'relaxing', I'm always doing something-so someone with similar interests is also important.

  • It doesn't matter what you're looking for, what you see first is most impactful. You obviously see body first so that's the number one thing until you have time to get to know that person. And from there depends on the girl... for some people they look at somebody an go, "nice body, I'd do him" so then it's sex... or you have the women who are physically attracted first and want to dig deeper to find substance i.e. spirit. And also I think it DOES have to do with age MOST of the time, not always but I'd say this simply because older women who are still in the dating scene tend to want to find someone to settle down with while younger girls are just out having fun...Personally I was out looking for a great personality..hidden under a great body I'm not even gonna lie...


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