What can a bigger girl wear for partying? I'm not comfortable wearing sexy clothes but I also don't want to look like a prude?

I wear a size 16 US. I'm not comfortable wearing sleeveless tops because of my big arms and I'm self-conscious about my armpits. I have a pear shaped body. I'm also not that confident showing too much cleavage or too much thighs.

I've only partied once in my life, and I wore jeans and a pullover to the party! lol But now I'm done being such a good girl and my friend says he's going to take me out to clubs. But I have nothing to wear! (typical girl, huh? But I really don't have anything to wear)

The only things I have that *might* be appropriate are
maybe about 1-2" shorter and without the line down the middle

and this
but longer, and the lace part on the back goes to almost the waist

Is it prudish to wear long sleeves to the club? any ideas what else I could wear? I'm a simple girl, I don't own anything studded or flashy. I believe in simplicity and classy (some of you may translate that to "boring" lol) But I'm open to suggestions.


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  • I was a size 14/16 now down to a 12. One thing that looks good are high waisted-skinny jeans. DARK WASH. Make sure they are fitted but not SKIN TIGHT. A pretty blouse tucked into the jeans, maybe something sequined or shimmer, even lace. Top it with a 3/4 sleeve blazer, black is always classic, and a statement necklace. Or earrings if you are pulling your hair back. And ALWAYS do heels. I like black peep toes with my dark jeans. Stand up straight and don't be shy, rock what you got!! P. S ( make sure you have a cute coordinating clutch or crossbody bag that goes with either your blouse or shoes)

    • :( I don't have any of those things... I have dark wash jeggings... and earrings lol
      I'm so tempted to not go clubbing if I have to go and buy all those things haha!

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  • You should definitely wear the second one! That is club material. The first one too but the second will get the blood pumping.


  • its fine to wear long sleeves, i think the first dress looks sexy and classy

    • not boring?

    • no way, wear it with a nice waist cinching belt if you want a pop of colour with it or do the black dress and solid colour high heels look

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