I am thinking of possibly getting a tattoo on the back of my neck.

Not as a fashion statement or anything but I've known multiple people to have passed away so something that has to do with that.

It'd be quite small and I was planning on having it there so it can be hidden if need be since I have long black hair.

Basically what is your thoughts on this?

More so guys opinions.

Trashy? Not trashy? etc.

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Most Helpful Girl

  • The back of the neck is a real iffy spot. What if you have a job in the future where you must wear your hair up? That could pose a problem. I just got a tattoo and I had been sitting on the idea of it for 7 years. So, I really waited and really put some thought into it. I actually drew it myself as well. I would decide what you want and really wait a year at least, then ask yourself if you still love the tattoo as much as you did the first time you decided it was what you wanted, because it truly is permanant. Don't worry about what others think. If you truly love it, go for it. Mine is about 4" x 3" and it's in between my shoulder blades. My brother mentioned that when I get married it could pose a problem if I wear a low back dress. I solved that by saying A-I can wear my hair down and B- It has significant meaning to me and is not offensive in anyway so people are going to have to deal with seeing it(after all it will be my wedding). So, basically make sure it's really what you want...and where you want it (cuz that was a huge thing for me too, I couldn't decide where I wanted it for at least 2 years.)


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What Guys Said 2

  • Back of the neck I don't think it's trashy but would people judge you? Yes of course but if you wan't it and it has real true meaning behind it I say fuck it. It's you're body you only live once as corny as that sounds. Hahaa wish the best of luck to you and the new tatt

  • Personally, I would avoid doing it, because once you've got it, it's there. But I've thought of getting one done myself, but, backed out of it for the very same reason. And I'm also trying to set an example to my brother, because he looks up to me. But, it's up to you.


What Girls Said 2

  • Well if it's what you really want, go for it! But tattoos take a lot of thought, so make sure, think about these, ask yourself these questions:

    1. You really want it

    2. Make sure you are positive of the reason WHY you want it

    3. Is that back of your neck a good place?

    4. Are you going to be okay with people asking you why you got your tattoo on your neck & what it means.

    Basically if it's important to you get it, if it's dedicated to your loved ones who have passed it has meaning and not trashy. But remember there are other ways than tattooing your body to dedicate something to your loved ones. Best of Luck, J

  • my first tattoo was on the back of my neck and like you I have really long black hair so I find it really easy to hide. I think you should go for it especially since you have a lovely reason for getting it. I would say think carefully though and go by what you feel as I have regretted a different tattoo. I know you wanted more guys opinions but speaking from personal experience no guy has ever said he thought it was trashy and the majority of them have really liked it!

    But at the end of the day your body your choice don't let people influence your decision to much you have final say! good luck!

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