What are the odds of a hair dresser messing up? Have they ever really botched your hair?

I just need it trimmed and layered, but my hair is super long and super thick.

What are the odds of a like a holiday hair or super cuts (or other chain hair salon) place messing up my hair?

Has a hairdresser ever botched your haircut?
If so, what did you do?


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  • It's happened to my mom. Left a big bald spit on the back of her head. They didn't tell her. I had to be the bearer of bad news. Luckily she was able to semi hide it when she styled it different.

    • hollllyyyyy craapppp

      how the fuck did they give her a bald spot?

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    • but still, like... unless your mom ordered a buzz cut I dont see how they could manage a bald spot.

    • She had tapered sides and back with a couple of inches on top. I'm not sure what it's called. It's an old woman haircut that's easy to style.

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  • I go to a barber now because of a particularly bad experience at a super cuts, I'd just save the hassle and find a barber or salon.

    • alright. probably a salon. I'm sure most barbers are used to like... shaving. or buzz cuts.

  • My advice would be to find a hair dresser that a friend or family member goes to and trusts, or to at least go to a salon. There are probably many great hair dressers at places like Super Cuts, however there are also some not so good ones, you never know who you're are going to get.
    The last time I went to a place like Super Cuts (Magic Cuts?) I was around 13 and had wanted side bangs. The woman COMPLETELY messed this up, she gave me straight across bangs that didn't even go halfway down my forehead. I really wish I would have spoke up for myself, but I waited until I got out of the shop to start crying. Bad experience, and I have been going to salons ever since.
    I usually spend about $40 - $50 on a haircut, and in my eyes it is completely worth it. I get my hair cut about 3 times a year, and always looks fantastic. Good luck where ever you decide to go! Maybe bring pictures of what you want too? That may help!

    • Not to mention I wanted my long hair to stay long but with layers, she chopped about 3-4 inches off instead.

  • Do not go there just go to a professional! They will mess up your hair and then you will have to wear it curls so that people can't tell you got a chop job.


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