Found a bag of Lancome brushes, does it look authentic or fake?

I was going through my boyfriends mom's garage and found a bag of Lancome brushes that are years old. I know her best friend worked for a cosmetic company but not exactly sure which company (she always would give her makeup stuff to give to me). My boyfriend's mom wouldn't know because she hates makeup, and the woman who gave it to her recently died. Please let me know! Also I think they are from anywhere between 1999-2009 but am not sure exactly. Thanks! Sorry for the weird question ^^


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  • I'd have to feel it to know.

    But I think they're authentic.


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  • Yes, it looks real, although I would have to feel the bristles to make sure.

    If you are looking for great brushes that are not too expensive, you may want to try Real Technique brushes. Almost as good as M. A. C brushes.

  • What does it matter if they are real or fake?

    • Because I don't want them to shed a bunch. I once bought a MAC powder brush that ended up being fake, it would leave hair from the brush all over my face >.<

    • Really it just depends in the brush. I have bought super expensive brushes from the actual makeup counters at pretty high prices only to throw away due to shedding. My ELF brushes I paid $2 for better than my pricey ones. Regardless you aren't paying for them so what do you have to lose?

    • I have to admit, ELF is pretty amazing for the price. =)

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