Girls, what do you like physically?

I mean, besides the obvious things like toned body, or nice smile, or "eyes I could stare forever into.. *sigh*", or stuff like that. I mean the little things that could get girls, for example:

Neatly Trimmed Fingernails Vs. Rugged Manly-hands

Spiked Hair Vs. Just a Little Crest sticking up in the front

Short Hair Vs. Long

Single T Shirts Vs. T shirt with collared shirt over it

Shorts Vs. Jeans

You know, just little things that can make guys look fresh.


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  • I like it when a guys fingernails are short and clean. I like it when a guy leaves his hair natural, and not styled. I don't like extremely long hair, and I don't like buzz cuts either. Clothes don't really matter to me. I don't like it when guys wear running shoes though, I prefer skate shoes like vans. I can't really think of anything else at the moment...


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  • For me if a guy smells clean and dresses nicely.

    I've been victim to that "just rolled out of bed" look on guys, but what really gets me is a guy who looks like he takes care of himself.

  • Neatly trimmed finernails

    Spiked hair

    Short-Medium Hair

    Any shirt as long as it looks good and clean [not dirty and ghetto]

  • neatly tripped fingernails

    no hair gel

    short hair




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