Which Lifestyle do you think is better to live by? Redneck, Cowboy/Cowgirl, or both?

Just a Random Question lol. I think it is possible to have both lifestyles in your personality.
  • Cowboy/Cowgirl Lifestyle
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  • Redneck Lifestyle
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  • Both Lifestyles
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Most Helpful Girl

  • Redneck just seems a bit trashy to me. At least cowboy/cowgirl kind of makes me think of people living on ranches and working, rather than sleeping in until noon and doing nothing.

    • Sorry I meant to say the Rednecks who act like Southerners and Country.

    • Oh like working class rednecks? :) I still think cowboys/cowgirls seem rough and tumble and kind of cool. When I think of the term "redneck" I can't help but still think that they might be ignorant. My apologies to all rednecks. I'm sure many are awesome people, they probably just wouldn't fit under the "redneck" stigma attached to the name.

Most Helpful Guy

  • Some of the red necks around here are real crafty folks. My old man is an Asian red neck. He'll Bubba the shit out of something before buying a new one to replace it lmao.


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  • Both have situations where I can say that there's a snake in my boot, so I'd have to go for C.


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