What's your favorite type of cry session ( boys and girls)?

So me personally I love a good cry sesh. Like once a week I just love to breakdown and cry. I think the best place to cry is the shower, because your eyes aren't red afterwards, the shower drowns out the noise, and the steam and warm water just gets the years going. Or I love to listen to my favorite song ( or my cry playlist) and just cry it out.
So boys and girl what's your favorite way to have a good cry sesh


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  • In bed at night into my pillow, just before I go to sleep.


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  • I like to watch moving movies or listen to moving stories - an example of this is 3 holocaust survivors who miraculously end up living in the same city many years later and bump into each other to rekindle their friendship. These type of stories sometimes make me cry but it's a good cry because it reminds me that I'm still human.

  • I love turning off the lights, grabbing my stuffed rabbit, cocooning in a blanket and just going for it.


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