I think cosmopolitan and FHM are probably the worst mags for relationships?

It shows the cover of these hot girls and designer wear that you can never afford. then it tells you how to watch out for "inexperienced dudes" or "crazy women". It like gives you some sort of "how it should be bible" that many normal folk can't live up to.


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  • Cosmo has the most hilarious sex tips, they're so ridiculous that they've become a running joke... They fill people's mind with pointless shit designed to make them be better consumers and judge each other and ourselves even more harshly. I've never bought into this shit and never will.

    • Lol. Look at every cover, well for the mens mags anyway. I can tell you now what the stories are going to be for infinity: "Cover girl is hot", "How to date better". "great sex advice", "how to get abs" and then they throw in a "manly' thing like how to fish better, or DIY tips blah blah blah. you would think these journalists are would be super fit and super brilliant in bed by now ha ha

    • What really irks me is the total lack of control and command of the English language. They're supposed to be journalists, one would think they would have sort of aptitude for the written word, but their grammar, spelling, punctuation and failure to follow the most basic of rules when it comes to forming good writing just leaves me astonished. It's just really toilet paper waiting to be...

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  • Yes all of those magazines are trash. Don't read them for relationship advice. If you want good advice read the DSMV before going out with a girl that way you know the signs of mental illness before you get yourself in a pickle (I'm being serious about this). You might even learn something about yourself that will be beneficial to your confidence. If you want good relationship advice ask married people who have been married for a while.

    • Lol- I know the DSMV all too well and my conclusion: Everyone is messed up to some degree. I only read those mags for the ab articles;). I hung around a player to learn the rest;)

  • I don't read any of them. I rarely buy mags like that. In my opinion, those magazines kill innocence and natural sense of relationship. And they make people think as they do as if only one truth stands when it comes to relationships. I don't like generalization at all. Every relationship is unique in my opinion. People can still read them. But I honestly don't take them seriously. It is just for fun to me.


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