Girls, what do you think of my profile pic attractive or not attractive?

girls never seem interested in me, so must not be attractive :/
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Most Helpful Girl

  • Not great.
    You look like 70's going into 80's guy... Not in a good way.

    No mustache, different hairstyle and selfies don't help anyone. O. o

    • So you think I should shave my mustache, what about the beard? just to point this out if I do shave it would make me look about 10 years younger which I'm not sure is a good thing in my case.

    • No, keep the beard.
      Yes, shave the mustache. Looking younger is much better a lot of the time.
      I think you'd look great without the mustache. =)

Most Helpful Guy

  • Not a question for me but if you want a tip, don't do mirror shots. Especially with your phone in the middle like that.
    Anyway, you might wanna smile a bit.
    You look like you got some double chin action goin on there, so try putting your head a little forward to amplify the shape of your jawline. Trust me, this is hardly noticeable in pictures and is a technique suggested by a few professional photographers.

    Might also want to look clean shaven too. That would help unless you can get a full beard in no time.


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What Girls Said 4

  • Sometimes girls have a type and you just don't fit into what they're looking for- don't worry it doesn't mean you're ugly it only means the girl who can appreciate your beauty hasn't come around yet

    • Thanks, for leaving such an uplifting comment. :)

  • You just need a makeover. Basically theirs nothing bad about you but you definitely could go for some style improvements.

    • What type of cloths would you recommend for "style improvement"

    • Shave face
      New haircut
      Button up shirt

    • ok, thanks for taking the time to comment.

  • not ugly, but unattractive to me personally. Maybe change the facial hair

  • To be honest, you look odd as in, not relaxed. Your shoulders are kind of high making you look anxious. And maybe if you had a different style


What Guys Said 2

  • You look like a Daniel Clowes character or a character from the office.

    • is that a good thing? lol

  • if i had to pick attractive or not it would be not. Your facial hair doesn't look great and the glasses aren't helping you like they don't to most people. Workout more and do something different with your hair that is less plain

    • Thanks for leaving a comment :)

    • You're welcome

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