Makeup help? How to apply bronzer?

Okay so I'm fair skinned. My body is darker than my face which is very white looking. I also have freckles, not a crap ton but quite a few on my face alone.

I know nothing about makeup... but I want to use something to make my face look more even and a couple shades darker. I don't care about covering up freckles per se.

So should I use bronzer? I tried tinted moisturizer and it didn't have the effect I wanted. I don't want it to look cakey either and I'm worried my face will be noticeably darker than my neck lol.

What should I use and how to apply it?
:) thanks!


Like that but I'm whiter! And I don't have pimples


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  • Use a BB cream that will match the colour of the rest of your body. A BB cream is great because it has SPF protection so it's great for daily use and the nice thing about it is that it doesn't look cake-y at all.


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  • Just... don't.
    Bronzer is the stupidest invention I've ever come across.

    It is ALWAYS evident (never looks natural) and sticks out so much no matter what you do.

    • What do you think would look better? Like a tinted BB cream maybe? I just don't like looking washed out/sick.

    • Just put blush on. I wouldn't go for bronzer at all.

      But if you must, then go for a tinted moisturizer 1 shade darker than your natural skin tone. Don't go anywhere above that.

  • If I were you, I would go with a full coverage foundation, or a mousse foundation. My favorite is by Covergirl Outlast Foundation. It has primer, concealer and foundation in it. It's the best. I would do that to smooth out your skin and fill your pores, and then apply a light bronzer to get that sun kissed glow all over your face. Use a kabuki brush or a flat top brush and liberally apple the bronzer to all over the face on top of the foundation... or you can just get compact that might give you a sun kissed glow! He rmakeup looks airbrushed, you could also try that, but to apply bronzer you just get a Kabuki and apply it liberally all over the face and that should do the trick! :)

  • Whatever it is, YouTube it.


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