My First Piercings, Should I Get Them Or Not?

Hello, so um I am considering getting "Snakebites" it's a piercing just right below the lip. actually it's 2 piercings, 1 on each side. Um so... I never had any piercings or anything like that, I am all natural, so I don't know should I do them, because it will 1. leave an extremely tiny scar ( doesn't really matter to me because i have a million freckles...) 2... wow there is no 2.
Um, The reason I wanna do this is because I never done anything with my appearance, I have a bit longer hair then usual people, but i don't have like a hairstyle or whatever, they just are on my head and that's it. However I still get called emo or stuff like that. To be honest many people hate me and ofc screw on my appearance, so this time, I wanna actually give them a reason to screw on my appearance, lol. Plus I think it looks nice, and I would love to have something new on myself.
So that's about it. I'll be excited to wait for your opinion and votes ^^
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  • Snake bites are hot as

  • Do it. You can always take them out, if you don't like it. And then you'll be sure, if it was a good decision or not :)

  • If you're doubting it, just wait a while! If you're wanting to switch up your appearance, you could always try buying new clothes, cutting or dyeing your hair. (which are less permanent options, without risk of infection)


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