Everyone, what are your favorite kinds of pajamas?

To cross the bridge of death, you must answer me these questions three:
WHAT... is your favorite pajama to wear and see others wear?
WHY... are they your favorite?
WOULD... you wear it in front of that special girl or guy of the opposite sex?


Most Helpful Girl

  • I sleep only with my panties on. And why? coz going braless feels so good !!

    • Hoit-ho! How shameless you are, 'tis honorable!

    • lol? Im confused, honorable and shameless at the same time?

    • It is your courage in being shameless that makes you honorable. Hoit-ho!

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  • surfer shorts.
    Its nice and comfy.

    I don't know , cos I have no idea what ladies wear to sleep.

    • Look ye to the only female comment!

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    • can always volunteer her for the Ice Bucket Challenge.

    • Be sure to post a video if you do. We await eagerly, Good Sir Ham.

  • #mycalvins
    they outline my toned legs and frame my package and butt perfectly
    I would wear it for that special girl shortly before ripping them off


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