I've been intending to do this to my hair for a long time, should I give up? (No pictures just definition)?

I will hopefully graduate from high school this year and because of the schools I went had very strict rules about appearance I couldn't dye the tip of my hair to blue even though I always wanted to.
I have long brown hair and I want to dye the tip of it slightly blue.
I don't know about how universities or other high schools would react since I've always gone to schools with strict rules (not because of religious reasons just policy). Sometimes they wouldn't even let you in if you wore another jacket, shirt, tie, etc. other that the school's and they certainly wouldn't let you dye your hair to 'abnormal' colours. These rules are for both girls and boys which means I don't know how normal schools react to that.
The problem is I intend to study law at the university, would it be a problem for me? I don't know if rules would still be like that.

Sorry if my question doesn't make any sense to you and I might have picked the wrong topic.
And I did try temporary colours (like chalk or sprays), it just kept smearing my cheek and shoulders even if I tried the straighteners and sprays on it.


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  • Sounds like my high school. College/university, everything goes though, they don't have rules about the dress code or how you style/dye your hair. Heck I seen one kid with a rainbow mohawk!

    However, you did mention you are doing into law. I see law as a very professional occupation, and post secondary school is all about developing yourself as a professional so I'm not sure blue would be the best option.

    But hey, if you want to do it, go for it girl! Probably better to do it while you are studying then when you are actually practicing law anyways

    • Exactly, good point, the reason I was hesitating IS because I am into law. Still, it isn't like I will dye it all over my hair. I think I will try it since I wouldn't hesitate to shorten my hair a bit if I don't like it.
      Can't be worse than my high school's rules!
      And thanks for your help.

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    • I totally know what you mean! I went to a Christian private high school and it was pretty bad. We would get a week of detention for a dress code violation. Then they solved the problem by getting uniforms, and the rules changed to stupid things like ''Only black or white socks are allowed to be worn''. And they actually enforced it -_-
      And yea, post secondary is definitely a big change. At some points, I found myself wishing there still was a dress code :p Some things are so not meant to be worn in public...

    • This is exactly the same as my school unless we always had uniforms! And we also have a sock rule.. Some rules are ridiculous but some make you feel like they are necessary to keep students in line (I feel like a traitor for saying that) you are definitely right (:

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  • you pay for university, it is your money... go to a good hair salon and ask them to bleach some sections and then put the color in over it, just go all out and have fun, it is going to grow back in a few months anyhow


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