How bad does getting something repierced hurt?

I had my belly button pierced for 9 months until may when at dance doing floor work I partially ripped it and it was bleeding. 2 weeks later I unknowingly had an abscess but I diligently tended to it and it lessened to a normal infection. Unfortunately for a dance recital I took the piercing out and it closed so I went to urgent care. The doctor told me that I had had an abscess but I basically cured it. He gave me antibiotics to get rid of any staph that might have been present. It's all healed now but the piercing area is a little hard but normal colored, I read that it's just scar tissue. I'm wondering how painful it would be to get it repierced. I'm also worried it will reject if I do due to the scar tissue already present. If anyone has any insight or helpful information I'd be very grateful if you could help me.


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  • Belly button repiercing doesn't hurt that bad, I've had the bottom of mine done 4 times, and it most likely won't reject. Just don't use peroxide to clean it.


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