Does hanging camis (or other base layers) stretch them out?

I don't really have any huge storage space issues at the moment, so I hang up everything I can, except bras/underwear/socks. It's much easier to coordinate when I can see everything at a glance--plus I'm a huge fan of not having to deal with the wasted time and wrinkles I inevitably get from folding, lol.

But my budget's a little tight these days, so I don't really want anything to get prematurely ruined if I can help it. Is hanging camis/tanks, etc. a bad idea, or am I worrying over nothing?


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  • I've heard that it does but it couldn't make too much of a difference. But I have seen people use mesh to lie their delicates on (its in the air like a table top but its mesh material) so that it can dry without wrinkles or stretching.


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  • No.
    Unless you hang weights on the bottom of them... o. O

    • Well where else am I gonna store my 50-lb weight collection? ... they've gotta go somewhere, lol XD

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    • that's a great idea... i'm gonna have to remember that :)

    • Hahaha here to help! xD

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