Guys and girls please help me with a looks question?

first of all i know this is not the right sub to post such pics but i guess they are needed if i want to get help when it comes to what would suit my body. and i am sorry if i disgust you. its not what i wanted. i just wanna know what kind of jeans to wear to look sexy. i know looking sexy is a bit difficult with someone with such a bad body. as you can notice my butt is almost flat so is my chest. i would like to know what kind of blouses to wear also. here is my album anyway please don't gest scared!
low waisted jeans help me make my butt look bigger?


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  • If that' a bad body and you think people will be ashamed of it , there'll be pile a body in the grand canyon.
    Call me a perv but you look GREAT and should have no problem pulling any kinda fashion off.
    Skinny jeans no problem , just be careful of the vanity sizing.


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