What color should I dye my hair that will go with me?

What hair color is best
That will go with me
Black , chestnut , red , black , ash blonde , leave it as it is dye my roots or it looks ok !

Any ways to get rid of brassiness


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  • It all really depends on your skin tone. I'm sure you've heard of the concept of warm or cool skin tones? One way to find out what kind of skin tone you have is to look at your veins. Green veins usually indicate a warm skin tone, while blue veins are usually found on cooler skin tones. Unfortunately, that's not always the case, and it can actually be difficult to differentiate the color of you veins (or you might even have a combination like I do). Another way to find your skin tone is to pick up two different colours of construction paper: a coraly orange pink, and a bright cold neon pink (think highlighter pink). Look at a mirror and place the pieces of paper beside your face at individual times. Do any of these colours appear to wash you out or make you look sickly? Do any of them make your skin look more radiant and healthy? If the coral colour looks best, you are warm toned, if the neon pink looks best, cool tones look best on you.
    After you've decided your tone, pick a hair colour that goes with it. Warmer hair colours looks best on warmer skin tones, and cooler hair colours go with, well... you know!
    I also recommend looking at pictures of celebrities with a similar skin tone to you, and see which colour looks best on them! Quick warning though, most red colours are actually quite difficult to pull off unless you have the right skin tone or pick the perfect shade of red.
    The best way to not have brassiness is prevention. Avoid chlorine, too much sunlight, or any harsh chemicals (these factors can also lead to increased brassiness). If you must expose yourself to such things, there are many hair protectants to reduce hair damage and discolouration. I've heard that shampoos with purple tint can also reduce an already brassy colour. If all these fails, there's not much you can do except visit your hair stylist/ colourist.
    Good luck with your hair colour! And remember, what matter most is how you carry yourself with your new hair colour! Confidence is key!!!


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  • The best color for your hair really depends on your skin tone. I heard once that it isn't good to dye your hair lighter than the color of your skin, I don't know if that is completely true though because I have seen women with white hair and it looks awesome. I would usually go for a chestnut or something that has a richness to it.

    To get rid of brassiness you should use a toner, it works the best for that. Or you could use a purple shampoo and conditioner, it takes out the orange gradually.

    • Can u see it now my pic please don't post it on here

  • Depends what suits you - but red looks nice brown maybe?


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