New to Professional pants?

I'm new to work pants, the ones you wear in an office. I normally wear a 32W-34L jeans but my real size seems to be 29W-30L. The work pants I have are 30W-32L. The question is do I have to worry about the bulge in my pants? I know I'm talking about my shlong but is it a problem that it's, well, bulging? I really like this job and don't want to get fired for showing off my epic parts.


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  • There needs to be no bulge in your pants because I'm pretty sure that means they don't fit. Give me a sec and I'll find an article on men's pants.

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    • Well, I'm on a tight budget, and yes i'm reading that artical. I could only afford 1 pair of pants. Can't really get a suit, yet.

    • Trust me I totally get it. Good luck with your new job!

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  • Wow You get to wear Jeans to office? wear trousers or chinos !!!


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  • Bulges only show unless the pants are the wrong size or you're wearing skinny jeans


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