Any African American girls that know how to fix frizzy hair?

So I'm black and my hair always gets super frizzy. Now, this school year, i have to take a gym/swim class, and my hair will look absolutely awful. I tried using an anti frizz spray but it didn't work. do you know of any products that willhelp keep my hair straight?
I guess guys too if you have long hair


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  • Things with silicones in are great for frizz, but they can cause build up so you need to use a clarifying or any kinda stripping shampoo every now and then, but not too often as they are drying to the hair.
    As the other answer said, conditioner washing is good to, lots of people do this "no poo" thing, it's just conditioner washing, you can Google it if you want, or "co-washing"
    But with all that, if you use a lot of product, you need need need to clarify, build up is bad, and conditioner doesn't help much with build up if you use lots of product.


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  • all i know is washing your hair with a keratin shampoo will soften your hair and keep it a little smoother. also, when you swim, wear a cap, whether your hair is relaxed or natural. i can't think of anything else. this might not even help, but i think it could make a little difference. also mid week, wash your hair with just conditioner. i hear that softens hair too. only if your hair can handle it though because washing it too often can weaken it.

  • Buns do it for me, especially if you're going to be swimming. You might want to wear a cap too. When my hair is thoroughly washed, and moisturized, it behaves.


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