I need new style? (you'll like it 100%)

I'm always alone, i dont have self-confidence because of some things i have experienced before, and my style is no good maybe.

I wanna try new things, but i dont even know how to start.

What do you suggest for me?
won't anyone help me :( i dont wanna be like this anymore, maybe one of you will change me. At least, in terms of style.


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  • put a picture in your profile so I can see what's compatible.

    • i wanna try things on my own maybe i dont wanna put my photo.
      So can you suggest me some things without seeing me?

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    • No. My suggestion is not proper for anyone.

    • So, please suggest me a style for fat people :) 1.83 centimetres and 93 kilograms.

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  • Well we need to know more about you to really KNOW your style, in order to change it. From what you listed, you'd get the generic answer of needing to go out more, talk to people blah blah, do things way out of your comfort zone. You know?

    • i dont like people sometimes, they always make bad things, so i can't find people like me.
      and what about style of wearing things and hair style etc...

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