Does liquid eyeliner look best with eyeshadow or no eyeshadow?

Does liquid eyeliner look best with eyeshadow or no eyeshadow? Girls, any styles you prefer or tips you can offer for wearing liquid eyeliner, especially the wings? Feel free to include pictures of your favorite style (guys, you can too!). And guys, do you like the liquid eyeliner look or not so much?


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  • I like liquid eyeliner with light eyeshadow. Smokey eyes look best with regular pencil eyeliner (in my opinion) while lighter eyeshadow looks best with liquid eyeliner because it allows the liner to stand out, but still compliments it.

    • I agree with that. When wearing liquid liner, do you still put a bit of dark eye shadow on the outer edge or do you just use all light eyeshadow for the whole thing? Do you use more than one color?

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    • cool, thanks for your help :)

    • No problem. :)

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  • light or neutral eye shadows look good with it. sometimes dark eye shadow works but it depends on your eyes and skin tones. id say go more neutral or non if you wanted to do liquid eyeliner.. like hers

    • I have fair skin and brown eyes if that helps. I like that picture, it looks really good. thanks

    • you're welcome. you could probably pull of some browns then

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