Ladies, give me all your knowledge on makeup?

Tell me all your tricks and tips!


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  • 1. I have found that the key to very natural looking makeup is to use a light hand (when in doubt, use less product) and make sure that there are no harsh lines (blend everything well).
    2. Don't use foundation unless you absolutely have to. Using tinted moisturizer or a light concealer only in the places you need it looks less cakey and is easier on your skin.
    3. Go easy on the blush and make sure the edges are blended out.
    4. Mascara is very difficult to mess up. Just make sure that all of your lashes are completely coated if they're blonde and that the mascara doesn't clump you're lashes together.
    5. When I use pencil liner, I like to smudge it a tiny bit with a q-tip to make it look less harsh and more smokey.
    6. There are lots of great tutorials on youtube. I would check out Lisa Eldridge and Essiebutton's channels.


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  • I clean it up with water and soap.
    But i don't use makeup
    That's all.
    Makeup makes women look older.

  • uhm i use tinted mositurizer instead of foundation
    i use a benetint for lipstain and blush
    i use a matte bronzer to make it look more real
    uhm i only line my top lid and wing it down for a more innocent cuter look
    when putting on mascara i tilt my head so i'm not looking the mirror straight on so i don't get makeup all over my eye

    i like to stretch my mouth in a "o" to put on eyeliner so my lid is pulled tight


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