My family is judging me now by the way I dress what to do?

So I used to own clothes and recently can't find any of the ones I actually had I normally wear my brothers tshirts cause they are comfortable and I don't go anywhere so it's not like people see me in them , lately I don't have money to buy more stuff and my aunt made a rude comment telling me if I liked to dress like a guy I don't know if now she's going to think I'm a lesbian because of how I dress ,
I wear makeup have lashes stuff like that.. But I do change into casual tshirts or tank tops when I leave the house her comment bothered me and today I was at the store with her and she was sitting down I felt uncomfortable even rushed cause I feel like she's rushing me. I always feel like this so I can't try things on see if I like them I'm not good at pairing clothes either.. Finding things that go with other stuff , I got postures of outfits that I like so I can just try to find something simular also everything is expensive over $30 my mom said she could help me pay of the rest. But I don't want to take advantage of that I'll rather be left alone at the store to see what I'll like to wear.
I seriously don't know what to do I think my self esteem is a bit low also cause I gained weight due to stress.. I was the one to go to the gym always now i find it difficult to work out at home and I don't have any of the proper food and stuff either that's another issue.

I'm not crazy big but they bring me down by telling me get an xlarge or you don't fit I to this size anymore and then my uncle ur getting big it bothers me and makes me feel bad of myself tho I don't think I look much diffrent their comments affect me , specially when it comes to buying clothes I also have to have certain materials or I'll be uncomfortable and I won't feel good.
What can I do help!
Should I change just how I dress.. Oh another thing im rushed when it comes to getting ready they wake up so early they except me to be ready by 8:00 am it's impossible cause I shower brother mom
Please help should what should I do
I don't want my aunt to think I'm a lesbian tho I do fix myself do my hair wear makeup stuff like that.. I don't have a bf either now I feel like Ima be pressured by that as we'll


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  • Do let what others think as about you matter if what you wear is all you can afford and what you like to wear the so be it. your not telling anybody to change for you so do let people put you down. You only feel comfortable with yourself and your body only when you learn to love what you see in the mirror. Be proud and stand up to your aunt tell her look I don't have the money to look like a Kardashian and don't want to feel uncomfortable what I wear is not your problem it's , mine. Go shopping by yourself also thrift stores aren't that bad especially the ones in rich town since all the rich donate there. Eat fresh things with lot of color variety like lettuce or carrots for snack ans slow eat better meal and smaller portions if you eat too much. Workout in between commercials. Take stairs not elevators walk is its an option like a local grocery store

    • I do workout tho they just tell me those things and yea it bothers me I don't tell them anything At all my aunt made me feel like if I'm into girls which is not the case by the way she was telling me that I only wear tshirts and stuff like that.
      I don't have clothes I had some I don't know where they all went ido have a couple I can't lie of dressy stuff I don't wear them in a daily basis cause I don't go anywhere I'm at home most of time.. So it's kinda dumb to me to dress up if I'm not going to go out but be home all day !

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