Sexy, beautiful or cute?

Does it show how much a guy might like you depending how he is describing you as sexy, beautiful or cute?


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  • Call her sexy when you want to have sex with her.

    Call her beautiful when you think she looks amazing.

    Call her cute when she's ok looking but not quite beautiful.

    • For the past year I have been single and have had endless guys telling me I am beautiful. I like your guys' answers!

    • Yes BEAUTIFUL seem to be the BEST way a guy can describe a girl.

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  • To me Sexy has always meant that she is basically physically attractive and turns you on.

    Beautiful means more than she is just physically attractive. There's something about her, she lights up a room, or takes your breath away. She draws you to her and makes you want to know her better. She's basically the whole package.

    Cute is more like she's physically attractive, but not in a "Wow, I'd like to have sex with her" kind of way. Plus it also usually means she has personality features that are attractive like she is funny and sweet.

    A woman can be beautiful and sexy, or beautiful and cute. But cute and sexy is a lot more rare.

  • I would call a sister figure cute, but someone who is cute is not someone I would consider dating.

    Sexy is someone that I obviously think is very attractive, and may or may not have a good personality

    Beautiful is how I would describe a dateable girl, someone who is attractive, and sweet.

    • Have you consider a girl to be sexy and beautiful at the sametime?

    • Yes, many times, and while most girls who are beautiful to me are sexy, being sexy doesn't make them beautiful.

  • sexy - he just finds your body sexy and he wants to have sex with you

    beautiful - he thinks your very good looking and likely even too good for him to actually date

    cute - he finds you attractive and can actually see himself dating you


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  • This is hard to explain, so bare with me. I asked my ex about this before.

    To me, beautiful is more of a mental concept than physical. You're beautiful physically, yes, but there is obviously more to you just by looking. There is something about you that tends to draw people toward you and it's not all physical attraction. Intellect is factored in, personality, humor--all that can be considered a characteristic of beautiful.

    Sexy tends to be more physical. She's got a nice body, so she's sexy. He'd fantasize about her, and not care a thing about her mentally. She could be the dumbest girl on the planet and be sexy, but she could never be beautiful.

    Cute is a state of innocence. Almost child-like.

    Personally, I'd love to be called beautiful rather than hot or sexy any day

    Hope that helps.

    • Yes, it does. Makes a lot of sense the way you said it.

      Thank you.

  • Sexy: Sex appeal, sex vibes, exotic looking

    Beautiful: Like an angel, Very pleasing to look at

    cute: Almost pretty, a little pretty, baby face