Do y'all prefer bras from Victoria Secret or Playtex?

I prefer Victoria secret because they offer a bigger variety. Like I usually get lace but not with sexual intentions. I jus like to know that I'm wearing something pretty and somewhat comfy. My friend on the other hand likes playtex because they're super comfy even though not all that cute. We're both in the DD+ but still? Girls which do you prefer? And guys which would you prefer a girl to wear? Like I jus wanted to be nice and ask guys how they felt as well. I won't take yalls answer into much consideration tho because I dont plan on lifting my shirt for any guy soon. Lol maybe in the future when Im married. But yea I just wanna see if me or my friend gets more votes when it comes to me liking VS and her liking Playtex. Please keep this rated PG13 y'all :)
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  • I've honestly tried both myself for comfort and I have to go with Playtex. They don't have horrible looks but there's something to be said for "18 hr" comfort 😊


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  • I've never tried the actual VS bras, but I like the VS PINK bras a lot (although the cups seem to have gotten harder over time). My favorite is aerie though- comfortable AND affordable. I've never tried Playtex and only have seen commercials for it- I don't know anyone who wears those bras.

  • Lol I'd rather be walking around comfortable than irritated because of my bra. I ain't got time for that. And plus Victoria can't handle my secret. :)

    • Well it can handle my secret. Two secrets that enjoy being covered by such lace & comfort. (Even if i am paying over half a 100 bucks LMAO)

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    • I like those other stores except Hollister. I like any shoe store that holds chucks, vans, wedges, tenis shoes (name brand or not) or boots. Lol off topic. I don't really care for a brand. I can get all that other stuff from somewhere else and cheaper and of better quality. I'm a bargain hunter.

    • I bargain. Certain stuff.

  • Haven't bought anything from them and I like getting them from High street stores - they're very nice too

  • Neither brand fits me particularly well. I have to get Wacoal, usually.


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