Have you ever had your lingerie taken ?

Like from the laundry room, clothes line, laundromat,drawer, etc.



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  • When I was in the Army, I responded to a handful of calls over my time in service for this type of theft.

    It always was very frightening for the victim, as anyone can imagine because it has that connotation of someone stalking you and/or a "Peeping Tom" kind of situation.

    This actually happened to my mother before I was born, when she lived in Los Angeles and I remember her telling me how scary it was. Especially in her situation, where it was the laundry room to her apartment complex. Which really narrows down who could have done it, but it makes it all the more scary. She gave notice within the week and was out immediately.

    As far as any advice goes, I would advise the same plan of action. If it's a laundry room at your apartment complex, or other community based living arrangement, I would give immediate notice to the complex manager.

    This fits under exigent circumstances, and legally they have no right to penalize you, however you will need to file a police report in order for them not to hold your deposit or other refundable fees. Part of their job is ensuring your safety within the common areas, and that act signals they are not doing a good job.

    If it's at a laundromat, I would advise not ever returning to that laundromat, and be sure to inform the management of the problem. Don't be afraid to contact law enforcement and file a report. Once a person reports it, others will do the same. The more information available about a localized, chronic problem, as is the case with these kinds of crimes, law enforcement can better respond to the problem by establishing a specific time frame of when the suspect is acting.

    Another point about laundromat incidents, more than likely that the person is only watching you at that location, but to be safe, while your avoiding that laundromat, be sure to avoid other locations nearby, say for a three or four block radius. These kind of crimes are typically conducted by someone who lives nearby, and probably frequents restaurants and other shops near the laundromat. The more scarce you are, the harder it is for them to follow you and pull similar, or even worse crimes.


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  • No! But not for any lack of effort on my part. I tried leaving my lingerie hanging on the line 24-hours a day, for weeks at a time, but, no takers. I even tried leaving my lingerie on other clotheslines in the neighborhood, and I always find it in a bag on my doorstep with an unpleasant note enclosed. I once even rented an apartment next to a dirty book store, and still, no takers! It's always still on the line every mornin. I finally just took up square dancin. Promenade left?

    Oooonly kiddin!

  • i love to steal a pair of your panties


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  • yes, a guy took my thong out of the dryer in my dorm, then when I saw him in the hallway he threw it at me...he got busted.