What should be my outerwear?

Hey I am a 17 year old guy and I don't really care that much about how I dress because you can always do a 5 min google search to find clothes for you and that has really worked well (I receive a lot of compliments on how I dress), but my problem is that I do not know what to use when it is cold outside rather than the two hoodies I have (I do not mean like super thick outerwear like a north face jacket). I love those to hoodies or sweatshirts (I don't know what to call them but they are not sportive) but I always wear the same two wherever I go.

I have searched for clothes and found that most of the recommendations are to formal (https://wwwmarksandspencercom/pure-cotton-slim-fit-textured-cardigan/p/p22276086) or for older men and not for 17 year old guys, which is a problem because it would be weird for me to wear a blazer or a coat (with coat I mean like this one https://fashiontrendsmenscom/wp-content/uploads/2012/04/Mens-Coats-Fsahion. jpg), and I know this because I have a couple of friends that wear blazers and clothes for old people (not even old-fashioned blazers) and everybody looks at them like thinking ).

Sorry for my English (it is not my first language) and have a nice day!


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  • Hey there! I think the best idea (i've given this advice to many other guys), is to find out what TV shows girls these days around your age watch, and dress like the male characters in those shows. That should be a good baseline. For example, I love all the outfits on both guys and girls in Teen Wolf!


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