Am I the only one out there?

So im a dude obviously haha. But im really outgoing. I love girls with tattoos and piercings and im one to follow so i have my nostril pierced with a hoop and I've got my lobes stretched to a 0g. Im about to get my sleeve. Im 6'3 240 chubby not big or skinny. I haven't found anyone yet but i hope someones out there. Oh and 420 friendly hahaha. But i was just wondering are there girls that like guys like me? And i love art and skateboarding :)


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  • 420.. skateboarding.. art... and your tall.. I have a tattoo on my neck;)

  • Hell ya, u sound cool I would date u but I don't have tats yet I want some but I have my cartilage pierced and I want more but I don't know what


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