What should I do with my hair? (Pics)?

I want to change it.
I've had red hair (both more natural and really bright. I preferred the bright one), black hair, dark brown, medium brown, red highlights, drown highlights, blue streaks, short hair, and long hair.
My current hair:
Right now my ends are reddish color. They've been blonde and bright pink.
Kinda short hair... it's been a little shorter than this:
Red hair (best pic I have):
I have no ides what I want to do, I just want to change it. I was considering extending my dip dye further up and making it blue.
Should I just do my ends, or cut it and or dye it?


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  • You're hair looks fantastic short! you should dip dye it at a shoulder length

    • Thanks. I really miss it short! I was considering a bob, or a similar haircut to the one in the picture. It was my favorite haircut.

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