Waxing your body hair?

I've never done that before but I get bored of shaving, my hair grows quickly.

Is waxing a better idea?

Ladies do you get waxed?

I would like to try, does it last longer than shaving?


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  • waxing is beauuuutifullll i love it, BUT its SO messy! i only do it when iv got lots of time and patience on me. iv never been to a beauty salon in my life. never gotten my nails done even.

    it does last longer and removes the hair from the root so ur skin is smoother. with regular waxing, ur pores open up more and ur hair actually decreases in density and thickness! how cool's that? :)

    • Ahh thank you! I'm a bit scared to try, but I'm tired of accidentally cutting my skin... >_>;

    • no worrries=] yeah i can imagine. that must be horrible.
      nah honestly, try it. it might hurt a bit but u honestly won't b able to stop feeling how smooth ur skin is lol!

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  • I highly recommend waxing over shaving if you are a patient person. Waxing lasts way longer than shaving. Also, the hair grows softer and thinner than before. The process doesn't even hurt that much. I barely feel pain anymore.
    I do it on my own once a month.

  • I do wax regularly. I like the result so far, as long as you don't forget to scrub waxed area after 3 days. The new hair will be softer and not thick

    • Do you go to a place to get it waxed or are those self kits okay? x. x I want to give it a try hahah

    • I go to the wax place, I know I need the expert to do it for me. I already have my fave wax therapist. She's really good at it. My suggestion, try any wax place, find your own fave place and fave therapist ;)

  • I usually shave but during summer I get my legs waxed at the salon. It hurts a bit but your legs stay smooth for a longer period of time. I recommend going to a salon the first time because you could easily burn yourself at home and at least at the salon you're ashamed to scream lol. If any rash appears go back to razor :)

  • Well earlier I used to wax. But then I had red rashes coming up on my whole body after a wax and it's terribly itchy. So I just switched back to my trusty razor.


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