What should I wear can you help?

So my bf doesn't like my clothing style and he says it. He was always being kind while he is saying it however yesterday he became really rude. He said sorry afterwards not we are okay.
Is it okay for me to wear shorts after these? Because he says i need to have pretty dresses. But i didn't wear shorts before this when i was with him. And our neighborhood is conservative.
What should i do or wear? Thanks.


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  • Wear what makes you happy, what makes you feel feminine, desirable, sexy, what you are comfortable in. If that means wearing a dress to please him, then do it. If you don't want to please him, why are you with him? He shouldn't demand you wear/not wear anything, but a polite request to wear a dress because he thinks you'll look beautiful in it, well there's nothing wrong with that. He wants to admire you being feminine. If he didn't care, he wouldn't ask.


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  • Control freak alert


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  • Wear whatever you want to wear. Who is he to tell you what to wear? You can think for yourself. The next time he whines about what you wear show up to the next date dressed up in a funny Halloween costume. If he doesn't like you for how you dress, he's not worth it.

  • Wear what ever you want and if he can't deal with the fact that you are your own person with 100% control over your body then you need a new boyfriend.


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