Fake Tan! Question for girls, or guys! No judgement here!?

Hey! Okay what is a good fake tan that doesn't make your skin really patchy? I currently use a no. 7 brand. It is easy to but on and it isn't sticky or smelly but after a day it goes really patchy and it makes me look diseased! Whats worse is it stays patchy for about a week despite me constant ex foliating.

So what fake tans do you use? Any good suggestions?
Thanks all!


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  • St Tropez. I don't use it as I'm brown but all my friends do. Gives a nice even tan. There is a good tutorial on how to apply it by laurenbeautyyy on YouTube too.


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  • I don't, that's just because they look too fake on me.

    Hmmmmm maybe st. Tropez?

  • I've tried sooooo many and "No more white bits" is THE BEST!

    It doesn't look fake, after showering you'll get a glowy, golden tan, everything is very even. It really looks very beautiful. Im so pale and it looks just amazing. So happy i found it :D


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