I need to know like now!!?

i really want to wear a skirt to school, its a little above the knee, will guys look at me when im wearing a skirt? i dont want them too thats the thing..


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  • First, you will attract the attention of guys cuz your basically showing skin. and trust me, there will come those jerks that will try to peak under it.

    what I recommend if you dont want guys to look or peak, is to either wear pants (like jeans and stuff). or you could still wear your skirt with yoga pants. many girls at my school use to do that cuz they hated when guys tried to peak under their skirts or when guys looked at their ass while they wore yoga pants, so they wore skirts with yoga pants underneath.

    If you choose to wear pants dont wear pants that are tight, cuz guys will stare at your behind.

    best of luck [TheNinethGuy]


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  • Ok, maybe I'm a 'Dad' type, but if you wear a skirt, guys, and some girls, are going to be looking. Looking at your legs, the skirt, and wondering what you are wearing under it!
    Short skirts were invented by guys, and psychologically, they suggest 'accessibility'! If you wear a short skirt, you have to know that people will be looking, and judging! Guys want to know what's under it, and want to sneak a peek on the stairs, or if you sit. Some girls will be HATING if you look hotter than them.
    Take a moment and think. You don't want to wear the skirt because you like it, you want to show off, but don't want to admit it.
    Don't be offended!!! You are supposed to 'show off'' and you should want 'certain' people to look at you!! Unfortunately, a short skirt isn't a 'precision weapon' targeting just a single target!! You are wearing a 'Dumb bomb' that affects everyone in an area!! If you don't mind guys, and maybe some girls, looking, wear it, but you should expect that they WILL look, and some will hit on you!

  • Guys are gonna look if your wearing a 17th century dress. Im sorry its in our nature. Dont not wear something because of that embrace it because I garauntee your gonna get numerous looks throughout your life.

  • I think skirts will always draw the attention of guys -- Wear skinny jeans or something to avoid guys staring at you :P

  • if your hot they are going to check you out not a big deal i thought girls like attention

  • Most guys think that skirts are quite attractive


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