Do guys care what girls wear, like their style, shoes, hair accessories?

or does the face and body just matter?

what do guys prefer on a girl regarding clothing and accessories or hairstyle?


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  • lol Face and body mean more than honestly anything else physically...the nails are cool when we get a back rub or head scratch, but we don't look for them...the sunglasses I guess are cool...the shoes, that's all I have to say is more important then anything here except for body and face...and clothes...well as long as you aren't running around in snowsuits we don't care too much, but that depends on the guy.

    But once again all guys are guys and do and think for themselves lol


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  • hair for sure but body and face matter the most haha

  • well just look presentable

    if I like you and were at the mall and you come wearing sweats and a tshirt and looks like you just woke up obv. that's a major turn off but just look presentable and take care of ur self

    im not going to pick out everything you wore like oh nice top from forever 21? or cute shoes where'd you get them from? (even tho I could lol)

    but yea just seem presentable

    u can't focus on one thing and forget about the rest. but personality does matter more


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  • guys always tell me that they look at sure and hair not really what you are wearing!