Am I a hipster? Do I act and dress like a hipster? If not what am I?

Alright I few people I know have been calling me a hipster, and I wasn't to know if the boot fits.

I like almost anything from the 20's, 30's, 40's, 50's, and early 60's.

I wear dress slacks, ties, bowties, collared shirts, and sport coats regularly.

If I don't have the above on I'm probably wearing a plaid shirt, tl tucked in, with and ivy cap ( I call it my," Quiet Man", hat ( John Wayne movie) )

I buy some older records and hang them up on my wall. (Old country, 50's, 60's, movie, AC/DC and President related)

I read a lot of Stephen King, and military history books.

If I could afford it I'd wear a suit and hat (and not those strange small ones you see people wear) everyday.

I listen to older music ( mostly 50's, 60's, Johnny Cash, and Frank Sinatra)

I'm trying to get a letterman jacket for my varsity letter.

I like the autumn and Oktoberfest-ish German stuff

My girlfriend and friends call me hipster, and my parents refer to me as," Kramer"

Do I sound like a hipster? Is this a good thing or a bad thing?(not that I plan on changing)

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  • Lols XD you're parents call you Kramer!

    You're not a hipster if you enjoy old things. A hipster is more of an ideology, it's like being an expensive hippy crossed with being emo. You could probably just be called nostalgic.


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  • You are who you are (go figure..), why do you feel the need to put a label on that? You just have your interests and passions, no need to narrow yourself down based on that right?

    • I'm not concerenced with finding a specific group to affiliate myself with. I'm just curious about what," group", the people of our society would place me in. :)

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