How can I make myself look older, than I am?

I get told i look younger than i am


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  • i get that a lot too, but you can change that easily, try an other style, different type of clothes, official, try to put some professional make up, you can do it yourself at home! a different hair do would help tremendously and you'll be amazed how you can easily gain 3 to 4 years even!

    • Aw okay thank you i will try this :) Could you please have look at my other question :)

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  • What's wrong with looking your age?

    Anyway, if you wanna look much older and able to get into club. lots of make up (not like a clown, more like a vamp) and exposed skin should do the trick.

    • Not that i want to look older its just i look younger than by age lot so it is hard for me

  • Enjoy your youth, & don't try to grow up too fast.

  • In your picture you look like your 18... lol I don't think you need to worry

    • Really i always get told i look younger than 16, i am small 5'2

    • I get told that too lol It's just what comes along with being short and being young. Like I said, don't worry :) If ya worry you might get wrinkles and then look older :< Speech is also an important factor when age comes to mind. No matter how you look, your words have to sound like that of someone your age.

    • Aw yeah also when i am older at least i might possibly look as old as i would be haha

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