Why do I attract 19-20 year old men when I'm barley 17..?

K,well.. I seem to find out I attract to older guys about 19 too 20 years old sometimes 18 year olds.not very much though..I also,have an attraction to them too..It's so weird..I'm very attracted to Guys that have tattoos.. But I can't trust these guys that are 19-20 years old because how do I know they want a relationship or fukin sex.. Its so irritating.I don't understand.. I have no attraction to guys my age.. I was thinking maybe because I'm highly attracted to guys with tattoos? BUT!,i like the maturity from older men. OMG I don't know I need help. WHY!

okay,i will not date anybody without tattoos.thank you.


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  • well a lot of girls are attracted to guys that have tattoo's , that's not that usually and a lot of younger girls are attracted to older guys that is also not that usual .

    to attract older guys you have to go where they are but your not even old enough to go to the bar yet . you might still be able to meet some at places with the beach , mall , or parties maybe . or maybe the local tattoo parlour or piercing place might be a good place to check out when some guys are there .

    but a lot of them are going to want sex , think that's something you sort of ahve to expect at that age , they will also be generally open to the idea of a relationship by then


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  • Firstly I wouldn't consider 18-20 year old guys the pinnacle of maturity,but I guess compared to HS guys they might seem that way. A lot of guys are attracted to innocence which many younger girls project. If you want to know if they want a relationship or sex, then just do what every girl SHOULD do. Don't have sex with them. The ones that take off in a month or two (probably less) would have been just in it for sex, and the guys that stick around are the good ones.

    This doesn't mean put out after two months, its prob a good idea to wait MUCH longer than that.


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  • i know how you feel I like the whole tattoo and piercing scenario as well but I think its more of an eye candy attraction because I am dating a guy who has neither of those and I still think he's sexy. you just like the wild bad boy look for me it was just a phase it was my wild side.

  • 18 and 17 are not that different, nor is 17 and 19---practically the same age. Actually, 19-20 year old guys going for a 17 year old is also not that strange. You're all around the same age. I don't understand what the problem is. You're practically an adult now. The guys you mentioned are pretty much YOUR AGE. And wtf does having tattoos have to do with anything? Anyone can have tattoos, it is not an age specific thing.

    • Okay uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh,i will not date anybody witout tattoos.thank you.

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    • Whatever. You can't even spell.

    • You think that personally hurts my feelings that I can't spell good?

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