Girls 'N Their Toes?

Girls love shoes. Shoe designers may not love them back, though, having paid lip service to foot shape when designing their creations. What is your shoe fit situation?
  • I'd never buy or wear shoes that don't fit my feet, no matter how pretty.
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  • I don't wear designer shoes a lot - and when I do they're not very comfortable. My feet are normal (straight toes, no bunions)
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  • My feet have molded themselves to designer shoes - my big toes curve towards the middle of the foot, my little toe is squished, I'm relatively comfortable in designer shoes.
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Thank you for the answers so far! please vote accordingly! Here are Victoria Becham's feet - it is very clear what her enviable shoe collection is doing
So we only have ONE person apparently, out of 80+ % who have this situation. No wonder it keeps happening.


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  • I only buy shoes that fit me and are comfortable. Only my super high heels are uncomfortable and I don't wear them that much anyways.


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  • I'd never buy shoes that don't fit me

  • *cough*footfetish*cough*

    • if being mildly disturbed when seeing a deformed limb is considered a fetish towards non-deformed ones, guilty as charged!!

  • Fuck shoes! Especially expensive ones. Go bare feet!!

  • I'm rough with shoes. I'd never buy an expensive pair. They'd be shit in 3 weeks.


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