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I was engaged to this dude for a couple years..Its been almost a year since we been broke up. I'm still not over him I love him with all my heart & soul & I still ain't over him I do wished I was but I can't stop thinking about him...& there is this other guy that I just recently broke up with a couple days ago we was together for like a month & he says he is in love with me and he keeps playing mind games with me and I don't know what to do.I am so confused and sick of guys telling me all kinds of f***ing lies..I just need to know what some body would do if they was in my shoes...But I don't think anybody will know what its like to walk in my shoes...Oh yea The guy I was engaged to well the last time I talked to him he was crying I was crying and he told me he wanted me to find some body that would settle down with me and treat me good and have a great life with...But I told him no..He is with my ex best friend I got into it with her already we fought I whooped her butt and yeah that's about it lol..Anyways I am just confused & need some advice...


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  • Why worry about relationships right now? Why not focus on yourself? I find that when you're not looking for love, love finds you. You can't base your whole opinion on love from a few bad experiences. Just keep your head held high and don't let anyone pull you down.

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