Your favorite anime couple and why?

i dont know who my favorite couple is... they all seem so weak in characther... my favorite would be if they change a bit... be a combination of ( emiya shirou + gilgamesh) and ( rin thosaka + saber) well i like creativity ( dual wielding ) + ( attitudethey faker ) + ( niceness) ( realness ) ( holyness)

do you know any real not fake anime couple who are sincere?

tell a combination or anime couples in full :)


and yeah pick a poll i wonder what attributes you think is best :)

remember they all got their weaknesses :)

and do comments your thoughts. thanks !!!
  • rin thosaka ( playful intelligent) (not creative)
    Vote A
  • saber ( holy + assertive ) ( not so intelligent)
    Vote B
  • sakura ( fate stay night still) ( pleasing +kind ) ( not so holy)
    Vote C
  • rider (fate stay night still ) ( lets say she is creative and intelligent ( but lack all traits almost)
    Vote D
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tell me an anime couple you like please :)


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What Girls Said 2

  • MoMo and Toji on Peach Girl. Like she was okay with Kairi but he was a bit more friend material in my eyes.

  • haha this ones for u @rUinSAYAN

    • his question is hard but I would say you fit most to Rin Thosaka. she always acts with her brain, helps others, tries to hide her emotions but still cares for others, mage.

What Guys Said 4

  • Naruto + Hinata
    Tohka + Shoji (both addicted to food)
    Inu yasha + kagome
    Mafuyu + Aleksander (seikon no qwaser)
    Saber and the Projectilemage were also awesome. Saber is so cute!

  • Raku x Chitoge from Nisekoi is probably my top pairing.
    I mean even though they started out as fake lovers in the interests of their families, Chitoge gradually developed feelings for him while Raku always runs to her side whenever she feels afraid or needs help.
    Sure, Kosaki may be the one Raku's thinking of, but he can't help but rush to Chitoge's side every now and then. Chitoge has undergone like 10x more development and relationship advancement with Raku than Kosaki thus far. in my opinion, Raku x Chitoge has the best chemistry of all the possible pairings.
    #TeamChitoge <3

  • Not a huge anime fan but Vegeta/Bulma are actually pretty good together.

  • Okabe Rintarou + Makise Kurisu #SteinsGate #OTP


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