Is my view wrong because of the time period we live in?

I'm not trying to be a troll here and start something nasty, rude answers/comments are not acceptable. so here me out

in my opinion, girls who wear skirts and dresses most of the time are really sexy and attractive. why? because if you know ur history than you'll know that women used to only wear them. I happen to be an old fashioned guy who likes to treat a woman right, return I would like for her to dress nice MOST of the time. I get it. we all have bad days. ya know, ya wake up and nothing seems to be going right, so you just put on a pair of sweats, or jeans etc... and be on your way. totally understandable. but if you're a woman who likes to dress nicely most of the time, and you aren't having a bad day, then you should be making yourself pretty. you might think this is any normal girl, right? well, think again, there are girls out there who for the most part like to dress modestly, so as not to appear as they so call it whoreish, slutty easy etc... I on the other hand think that dressing like women used to, gives a woman a sense of womanhood and makes her feel good etc... and like I said is very attractive to a guy like me.

so my question is, am I wrong to have this view, because time have changed, and women can now wear pants, shorts, even capris (which I really don't like, cause it just looks like pants that don't fit)

or, is it ok that I like a woman who's dressy most of the time?


id like to get 100 people, if that's possible

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  • No, its fine, people have what they like, and that's your choice
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Oops, I didn't realize I typed that,it should be women who dress like women used to
16 people, come on, I need more answers, I'm trying to get 100

anyway, I've been looking around the site, I've noticed more older women tend to like to do this sort of thing more, y is that?


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  • While I do agree with Cool-Relax that you aren't really in a position to say women in general feel a heightened "sense of womanhood...and feels good" in dresses, it's totally fine if that's your turn-on. Some women like men who are in, majority of the time, business dress clothes, so of course it makes sense that some men would have the same kind of opinion. I don't know if "dressy" describes only dresses-- a lot of people classify "dressy" as including some kinds of pants.

    Personally, I think whatever flatters a girl most is prettiest. Some ladies just don't do skirts well-- it makes them look chunky or flat, whereas pants give them length or definition. Others just rock the skirt or dress look without trying. I've put on pants and dresses that make me feel like a bombshell, and I've also put on some that make me look like a reject potato. It's looking in the mirror and feeling comfortable with what I see (regardless of pants or skirt) that makes me feel sexy and most womanly. :)

    Anyway, it's so okay to be attracted to women in dresses-- but times have changed, so of course you can't hate on the ladies who choose otherwise (which you don't seem to, since you understand the "bad day" theory, haha). :)


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  • "I on the other hand think that dressing like women used to, gives a woman a sense of womanhood and makes her feel good etc"

    I don't think you're in a position to say that considering that you're not a woman. Plus, not all women feel the same way about dresses.

    Anyway, there's nothing wrong with you liking women to be dressy, just don't expect everyone to follow that.

    • Oops, I didn't realize I typed that,it should be women who dress like women used to

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    • What don't you get?

    • Nvm

  • thing is, in the old days, only rich women dressed nicely because they could afford it. the regular folks were wearing simple pieces of cloth that sometimes resembled dresses. I think you're getting for facts from "ye olde English" knights and damsels movie.

    • Heh, I see you did research on this, lol

    • No research. and I know what you mean, you want a fair maiden/damsel in distress, but I think you've formed your ideas of history around Disney. an everyday woman would have been caked in mud and would not have bathed in months. yeah, I want a guy who dresses like Mr.Darcy in Pride & Prejudice, but the vast majority of men weren't wearing frock coats, collars, and top hats. but if you want us to wear gowns, then maybe you should start dressing like Darcy, most guys dress like trash now.

    • I agree

  • You should be making yourself pretty', can women not look pretty in jeans or sweats? Isn't it a woman's choice to choose how she looks?

    I make just as much effort when I wear jeans as I do when I wear skirts. I don't not wear them because I'm having a bad day, couldn't be bothered or am worried people will think I'm a slut...It's because I like to dress in different ways, it's not always safe for me to wear a skirt, it's not always practical and it can be too cold to wear a skirt. If you find skirts more attractive that's fine but don't assume your idea of attractive is everyone else's.

    • I didn't say all guys felt this way

    • No but you implied that women that don't wear skirts or dresses are not making an effort.

    • Wasnt my intention, its only my view on how it should be

  • Yeh times have changed, women can now wear trousers just like men. I hate wearing dresses and I don't really like skirts, I would love to wear sweats everyday because that's what I'm comfortable in. But it's ok you like women who are dressy most of the time because that's just your preference. But I think it's hard to find those women nowadays-one that's always in dresses and skirts. What about when it's cold? I also think if a guy is expecting a girl to try hard everyday then he should be doing the same. I think people that think they need to try hard everyday are sad, I feel sorry for them. Of course dressing nice makes us feel good, but what also makes us feel good is having someone who will say we look beautiful even when we are in our sweats with no make-up on, no woman wants a guy that will think she looks a mess.

  • I voted for "Yes, times have changed," but I agree with you for the most part. I think we should always try to look our best (and that goes for guys, too!). It doesn't mean dressing up as if you were going to an interview but you should always look neat and polished.

    • At least somewhat neat and polished, it just makes ya more appealing, like I said, imo

  • Everyone has thier own tastes, and just as you like a woman in a dress, there's bound to be at least half a million women out there in the world who like dresses just as much as you do.

    Personally, I have more pajamas than just about anything, and most days I'll wear sweats and T-shirts.

    • Trick is...finding them, heh

  • I think you are intitled to your own opinion. I dress how I want to and I have ideas on what I want guys to wear, Everyone is different so somewhere this is a girl who is what you want and who wil like your way of thinking.

    • Apparently not many of those girls still exist

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    • I hope I didn't make myself sound like a b*tch by saying that.

    • Nah, everyones entitled to their own opinion

  • If that is your opinion, then that is your opinion. I personally hate wearing dresses or skirts and do not plan on wearing another one until 2012. I have never liked wearing them, and my family had to force me into them when I was a kid. I have made a few compromises with my family. Prom, my best friends' weddings and my own wedding are the only times they can expect me to wear a dress. Any other time is no dice. I've just never liked wearing them.

    • Haha, that is your choice, just like I have my opinion

    • Yea, everyone is entitled to their own opinions and viewpoints

    • Exactly

  • To each his own, if you like that, then I'm happy for you. There's nothing wrong with it. Personally I'd go crazy if I had to dress up everyday. Some days I feel good looking in sweats and a cute t-shirt. And other days I feel good looking in a long skirt and small tank top. But everyone is entitled to their own opinion, it's just when people try to force their opinion on others that there's a problem. But you're not doing that at all. Congrats on being an individual. =)

  • Of course its not wrong, its just your opinion.

  • I am in agreement with you. I'm sort of old-fashioned as well, and I wear dresses and skirts as often as I can. I never feel as good in pants as I do in a classy dress.

    • Yay!, hey I tried pm'ing you

  • I don't think it's wrong. That's your preference on what you like to see a girl in and you have that right. We women also may have preferences on how we like our guys to dress. I think America as a whole may have become more casual in their dressing. Many people wear jeans, Tshirts or otherwise don't put as much effort into their look like other countries/cultures. I'm personally used to wearing jeans and cute tops, I don't wear skirts/dresses much partly because I never really have but I agree that it is nice to dress up every now and then

    • Do you think you don't because, they don't flatter you?

    • I feel kind of awkward in them, I had more of a low maintanence casual style for so long that its hard to get used to.

    • Always room for change..

  • It is ok that's what you like, but you have to realize all women have different personal styles. You can't lump us in one category.

  • I actually like your views. Maybe that's because I'm not righteous like some others are and honestly don't care if someone is chivalrous or somewhat 'old-fashioned'. Some people take offence to this, I for one don't but that's just how I am.

    I understand what you mean about women wearing skirts/dresses. I don't however think they should always be made to wear them, as a kind of uniform. I think that the idea of dressing appropriately and attractively seems an okay idea however I think it should be up to the woman. There are women that are 'dressy' all the time and if that is your preferene than there is really nothing you can do. Of course it is okay, if you find it attractive, that's your peroative. You are not wrong, you are thinking of a woman's self confidence and happiness, which is a somewhat modern concept in itself.

    • Ok, ok, I get ya, cool

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