Can you get your hair wavy with a perm, or just curly? What are your experiences with perms?

My hairdresser told me you can only get it in tight curls...
But I've seen some pictures of people having perms whose hair isn't so curly, more wavy...

Can hair turn out like this:
with a perm?
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Most Helpful Girl

  • Yes.

    I've permed my hair twice like that since high school. I can send you a picture of my hair when it was still wavy if you want.

    The first time they took off the curlers halfway through the time, so it didn't have the chance to develop into full blown curls.

    The second time they used some conical type curlers, so the result would be hanging curles or waves, that are not tight.

    • Sounds great. =)
      Can you post a link here?

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    • Hahaha you're crazy... xD

      (who downvoted you? ... damn... some people...)

      I think you can't send pictures in messages... o. O

    • I've heard that before =)
      I know right? As if this is same as not agreeing on abortion...
      you can send links in messages.

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What Guys Said 1

  • you can use hair straighteners to curly your hair to give it the look or get the wavy attachments for them


What Girls Said 2

  • Yes, with a japanese perm. They can do loose curls

  • sometimes perms make your hair fall out

    • I've heard this...
      Why does that happen?
      Is it the quality of the hair in the first place or the way the hairdresser treated it with the perm?

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    • Damn... neither would I. O. o

    • I know right lol just go to a hairdresser that is recommended by friends if your are gonna do it because I know it can come out nice

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